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I have never considered myself as a lifestyle type of girl… Like clearly I have a life, literally and figuratively but I never saw myself hold up a shinny bottle of something popular and pushing ppl to it for a check. Now, I think influencers are AMAZING but I just never thought I had the pull. Like who would listen to me on this hair cream or this cosmetic line… I’m just not that girl (shrug) now if you need to know the best spot for tacos or the best place to get black clothing I’M YOUR GIRL!

But as a woman, a black woman who is married and in full time entrepreneurship at 35 I am coming into some hard core lifestyle choices that have been a bit challenging. And honestly I can’t believe I am even sharing this. Ok so my birthday is November 8th… I will officially be 35 or as ppl say, 5 years to 40. I feel great, I look pretty good if I do say so myself and I can’t wait for my next therapy session.. Now for the challenges.

# 1 - I don’t feel like I have a thing.
You know like most ppl love hand bags or a fragrance they prefer over another or even a go to restaurant. I don’t have that.  I like what I like I guess but I don’t have a thing. That bothers me as a woman.

# 2 - Is work life balance really a thing.
I’m asking for a friend.... So you work really hard to afford the freedom to sleep b/c you work so hard. I need a vacation, my husband and I both! Like beach, drinks and audio books and earth shattering seggs.

# 3 - We’re the new grown ups.
Like yes I’ve been a whole entire adult for what feels like forever but hear me out here, when I was 16 I just knew by now I would have it all figured out. Like my kids, my homes my cars and my free time because I was planning to be a millionaire (my diary says so) And I am in a amazing place but sometimes I have a small issue enjoying it, instead I'm rushing to the next thing.

Ok, that's it I’m done baring my soul, I mean after all I have a therapist appointment coming up so I’ll save it for her. If anyone is feeling like I am I'm praying for you... Prayers up, head down, do the work and get the rest!

That’s it!
XOXO, Jess

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