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"What's the deal with branding anyway?"

I get this question at least 5 times a day, and I absolutely LOVE IT! So here goes nothing. Branding and brand strategy seemed to have just popped up on the scene out of nowhere. Now you can’t even scroll through IG without someone making a reel about what they do as a brand strategist and why working with them is a business MUST.

And as a brand strategist myself, I get it! But that's not the point, the point is not for you to resonate with me the point is that we (the strategists)  show you (the entrepreneurs) how important branding REALLY is. It's important we show you what it is, where it came from and why your business needs it. So, with that being said let's jump into that right now shall we (insert smirk)

Ok! Before we start to talk about branding let's discuss what a BRAND is to your business.
Your business's brand is your business's identity, and identity is comprised of beliefs, looks and expression. So ideally your business's brand is your business's beliefs, look, and expression! We, as business owners, brand so we can build KNOW, LIKE and TRUST with our consumer market. 

Branding is how you share that identity with the world, effectively showcasing who you are, what you do and why on earth ppl should care. Now there is a super power in the make up of proper branding. And it’s called SELF SELECTION! Self selection is when you show up and share your great product or amazing service and your ppl flock to you. Why? Well because you are so beautifully and brilliantly branded ppl are able to easily ideneitfy that your offer is for them. It’s something I l like to call the ‘ou me, pick me please I want what you got!” super power!

Let's roll this back... 
POINT - Branding is your identity 
PURPOSE - To build know like and trust with your audience
POWER - Self selection, audience can easily identify that what you have is what they need

See branding is not just the luxury it used to be, proper branding is a necessity in successful business! And if you aren’t sure how your businesses brand is holding up in your industry we should talk.

XOXO, Jess

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